When you are in a position where you must moderate a community (whether as an administrator or a moderator), you really have to be a bit of an online daredevil in that you can’t “play it safe” with links, content, etc. You have to actually see the bad stuff so that you can remove it.

You can’t say “well, that looks like porn spam” or “I think this link is suspicious, better not click it!” You actually have to be the one to look at it and click it so that you can make a proper decision as to its appropriateness on your community or safety to your members.

For this reason, it’s important that everyone in this role (and, really, anyone who uses the internet) have some sort of good antivirus/spyware protection. Beyond just protecting you, often times, it can also be relied upon to alert you as to questionable content on a page or link that you are reviewing. You can then remove it, protecting your members from it.