Managing Online Forums Is Six Years Old and I’ve Launched a New Website for It

Posted by Patrick on April 28th, 2014 in Managing Online Forums (Book)

managing-online-forumsManaging Online Forums turns 6 years old today. To celebrate, I’ve launched a new site for it.

6 year old books generally don’t have new websites, but I decided that I wanted to launch a new one because I feel the book still has a lot of value to offer. The website that I had previously created was alright, but it didn’t do a good enough job communicating that value now. I also have been very grateful for the support that the book has continued to receive and I felt like that support deserved something better. Check out the new site. I hope you like it.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the work. Everyone at AMACOM, everyone who bought it, reviewed it and spread the word about it. Many of the specific people that deserve to be thanked are listed in the book’s acknowledgments.

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10 Years After I Started Writing It, “Managing Online Forums” Turns 5

Posted by Patrick on April 25th, 2013 in Managing Online Forums (Book),

"Managing Online Forums"It was 10 years ago last month that I began writing what would eventually become “Managing Online Forums.” April 28 will mark 5 years that it has been in publication.

Digging through my emails, the earliest message that I can find mentioning the project is in May of 2004. I had told some friends about it before that, but it was via instant message. I kept the whole project very close to the vest, not even telling my family until I had an offer from a publisher. The email was sent to Jared Smith, Chrispian Burks and Stephan Segraves. It was titled “Book/Long Article.” Note that I had not yet committed to the idea of it being a book and was not sure if I could do it. It included this:

“As you know, I’ve been working when I can on a book/long article on Internet Community Development. It is sitting at 38,888 words right now. I wanted to ask you if you might want to take a look at it, read it, let me know what you think and possibly suggest some new things for me to cover (if you had any). No real rush, just when you can.”

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“Managing Online Forums” Turns 4 Years Old

Posted by Patrick on April 26th, 2012 in Managing Online Forums (Book)

Saturday will mark four years since the official publication date of my book, “Managing Online Forums.”

I wrote the other day that one of the things I love most, as someone who has been managing online communities for 12 years and regularly writes about those experiences, is when people utilize my strategies in a thoughtful way that leads to success. For me, the book is the greatest example of this.

The way in which the book has been received has been humbling. I’ve been very fortunate to receive praise from people who are new to this space and from people who have been doing it longer than I have. When you put as much time into a project as I put into this book, you know you are doing the work to make it the best it can be. But, what you don’t know is if that will be good enough. So, to have received praise from so many people and so many people that I respect, it is something that I truly appreciate.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements in Philadelphia, Raleigh and London (Virtual)

Posted by Patrick on October 10th, 2011 in Managing Online Forums (Book),

I wanted to take a moment and share some of my upcoming speaking engagements. I love to meet people in person and the main way that I do that is through the conferences and events that I speak at.

On November 5, I will be speaking at WordCamp Philly (November 5-6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), a WordPress focused conference, on the topic of “Building Community Around Your WordPress Publication.”

If you are using WordPress to publish on the web, no matter the topic, no matter the amount of traffic you have – community is not a choice. Your community is the people who read your content and appreciate and share what you do. The only question you can answer is: how do I engage with them?

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Upcoming Speaking in Engagements in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Raleigh

Posted by Patrick on July 28th, 2011 in Managing Online Forums (Book),, Press

After taking a speaking break for a few months, it is time to get back on the road.

This fall, I am joining the Social Media Masters tour from Social Media Club. The conference series bills itself as “an advanced level conference for marketing and communications professionals.” It’ll hit five cities and I’ll be speaking at the Atlanta and Los Angeles and stops.

The Atlanta event is on August 26 and Los Angeles is on September 9. With the coupon code SMMPO30, you can received 30% the ticket price.

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“Managing Online Forums”: 3 Years, 50 Five Star Reviews on

Posted by Patrick on April 28th, 2011 in Managing Online Forums (Book)

Today marks the third anniversary of the publication date of “Managing Online Forums.”

Last week, the book received it’s 50th five star review on Overall, the book has received 53 reviews on and 61 across all Amazon sites, 57 of which are five stars. To say that this is cool to me and that this means something to me, is an understatement.

When you put something out there, you never really know how it’s going to be received. Writing a book that you truly invest of yourself into is like putting yourself out there to be judged. “Managing Online Forums” is my experience and my passion for online community and that it has been so well received is an incredible, wonderful thing to me.

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“Managing Online Forums” Downloadable Templates Translated to German (More Translations Wanted)

Posted by Patrick on December 2nd, 2010 in Managing Online Forums (Book)

A few weeks ago, Udo Telaar contacted me and said that he had read “Managing Online Forums” and asked if it would be alright if he distributed a German translation of the downloadable templates I offer on the book’s website.

In short, I loved the idea and we worked together to ensure that they were properly translated and that all details were taken care of. Once we were both happy with it, he posted them on his blog and, at this moment, that is the only place that you can find them. I’ll add them to the book website soon, as well, but wanted to give him the exclusive for a little while. Thanks again, Udo!

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Where You Can Find Me, The A Team and the SitePoint Podcast During BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010

Posted by Patrick on October 13th, 2010 in Managing Online Forums (Book),, Press

I am definitely excited about what is about to take place at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Not just about what I am doing individually, but what I am doing in collaboration with others, as part of a team.

Not only my fellow panelists, but also The A Team (Brandon Eley, Wayne Sutton and me – we’re featured on 5 panels in all, with 2 book signings) and the SitePoint Podcast crew (Brad Williams, Kevin Yank, Stephan Segraves and me). This will mark the first time that the entire podcast team has been in one place at the same time, with Kevin coming all the way from Australia.

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Keynoting at Podcamp Topeka in Topeka, KS on November 6 (Please Attend and/or Sponsor!)

Posted by Patrick on October 4th, 2010 in Managing Online Forums (Book),, Press

I’m happy to announce that I have booked my first keynote presentation. It’ll be at Podcamp Topeka in Topeka, Kansas on November 6. The event will be held at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library. It’s an “unconference” where everyone is welcome to lead a breakout session – in essence, a discussion on a particular topic. I’ll be leading at least one myself, following the keynote.

The event is being organized by a team led by David Lee King, an acquaintance of mine, that also includes Brandon Sheley, Alissa Sheley, Lisa Coble-Krings, Bill Ludwig and Joe Cheray. I have been so impressed by the organization of the event and David’s leadership. I believe it will be a great unconference and it is a tremendous value, as well. For the day, including lunch and perhaps even a small breakfast, the cost is only $6.11. You can register online.

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Two Years of “Managing Online Forums”

Posted by Patrick on April 28th, 2010 in Managing Online Forums (Book), Press

I only have a couple hours left on this day, April 28, but I wanted to write a post to thank everyone for their support of “Managing Online Forums” over the past two years. Today marks two years since it’s official publication date.

Thank you to everyone who has mentioned the book line and everyone who has reviewed it. I really appreciate every mention I receive. It’s like a special gift every time I get a Google Alert. So, thank you.

It’s a wonderful thing to see your knowledge and experience be well received and for it to help others. I care a lot about online community and I hope that comes through whenever I talk about it.

Thank you.