managing-online-forumsManaging Online Forums turns 6 years old today. To celebrate, I’ve launched a new site for it.

6 year old books generally don’t have new websites, but I decided that I wanted to launch a new one because I feel the book still has a lot of value to offer. The website that I had previously created was alright, but it didn’t do a good enough job communicating that value now. I also have been very grateful for the support that the book has continued to receive and I felt like that support deserved something better. Check out the new site. I hope you like it.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the work. Everyone at AMACOM, everyone who bought it, reviewed it and spread the word about it. Many of the specific people that deserve to be thanked are listed in the book’s acknowledgments.

To change things up a bit, I would like to specifically thank everyone who has reviewed the book on Amazon in 2014. To see the book continue to be reviewed, nearing 6 years of age, is such an awesome, humbling thing. Thank you to Peter Möller Voss, Franklin Rony Cortez, Sherrie Rohde, Shaun, Lionel Scaramal, Donald Butcher and Oscar Fabra.

It’s been a fun journey with this book. Thank you to everyone who has made that so.