I was recently approached by someone who was looking for examples of company representatives that had engaged on an online forum that they didn’t own. This happens a lot, but as a friend put it, “I’ve seen too many examples to count but finding them is a real pain.”

There is a ton of value in forums, and many companies already take advantage of that value. However, others wonder how companies are doing it. To help with this, I asked around and put together a collection of solid examples.

My criteria in collecting these was pretty simple. A company representative must be engaging in an online forum that they do not own or manage. Their contribution must not be something that is simply expected. In other words, they don’t have to engage, it’s not the norm, but they chose to do so. Most importantly, they did so in a way that was accepted by the community and those who manage it.

I’m a big fan of this type of engagement. I believe in it and think that forum outreach programs are wonderful.


Thank you to Ted Sindzinski, Iain Dewar, Peter T. Davis, Josh Barraza, Martin Reed, Tom Miller and Sue John for contributing examples.

More Examples?

I’d love to hear about more examples. If you have any, please share them in the comments. It is perfectly fine if you are affiliated with the example, whether you are the company engaging in the forum or you are the forum owner. I look forward to talking about more of them in the future.