Sometimes, we can fall into the trap of talking and thinking about ideas a little too much. Proper planning and consideration is always important, but there comes a time where we must not simply talk, but also do.

I’ve had banned users and “competitors” who spent a lot of time talking and thinking about me, but little time actually doing anything or accomplishing anything on their own account. (This is certainly fine by me). But, I’ve also spoken to administrators who were always trying to think of what to do… and not actually doing it.

That’s one thing that separates successful people from everyone else: they do things.

I pull advice and inspiration on productivity from all sorts of areas. But, one of my favorite videos is by the brilliant Ze Frank. It’s below. Warning: there are a bunch of vulgarities (don’t repeat them in the comments!). His message, and the way he delivers it, is awesome!

Don’t get addicted to brain crack!