Several times, I’ve been asked, how do I come up with the ideas for the communities that I launch? The answer for this can also apply to coming up with ideas for websites or just ideas in general, even.

It can be something that I have a personal interest in and, as such, want to start a community around it. This is the case with I’m a sports fan, so I started a community about sports. is another one.

I can see a domain, sense a need or, at least, feel that I could do something well. is an example of this. I thought a martial arts community was a great idea and, back when we launched, there were far fewer than there are now. It’s my largest communities as far as posts is concerned.

I can need something myself. I started using phpBB back with the 1.2.x string. Back then, there was no dedicated site for phpBB hacks. I wanted one, so I created one in

There’s always the old random idea, as well. I can get ideas for sites at any time. I’ve had a few right before I wanted to close my eyes and sleep. For this reason, I keep a pad and pen next to my bed. I’ve had ideas in the shower, while eating out (I’m sure, can’t think of a specific one) – anywhere, really! You should always be ready for the idea and be ready to embrace it.