I’m going to be visiting New York City, for a few days, at the end of May and start of June. I have decided to make Monday, June 2, book promotion day in NYC. I am going to do whatever I can, while I am there and specifically on that day, to promote the book. Whether that be giving interviews and/or talking to bloggers, journalists, podcasters, etc. or meeting people, speaking, signing books, whatever. I want to do whatever I can.

With a book like this and one day in NYC, what should I do while I am there? Where should I go? Who should I talk to? I’m totally open to recommendations and ideas. If you know anyone who would fit into the above categories, I’d definitely liked to be introduced to them and would appreciate it.

I am pretty well aware of general book promotion and I know how to use Google, MySpace, Facebook, Meetup.com, et all and how to search for people on there. I can look up newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, etc. etc. I’ve reached out to probably 200+ people at various publications and outlets. We’ve sent out over 100 review copies, we’ve booked 30 plus interviews online, in print, on radio and on television, the book is being promoted through my network, etc. etc. So, I’m not looking for general suggestions like “e-mail the top NYC tech bloggers” and the like.

What I am looking for is very specific information. Specific people I should talk in NYC, specific journalists in NYC I should talk to, specific organizations in NYC, specific venues in NYC, specific in NYC. That’s what I need help with.

I would definitely appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thanks.