I gave a number of interviews recently that are now online. On the text based end, I did an interview with Website Magazine that is on their website and featured in the May issue of their print publication. I did a live chat (sort of) interview with Forum One’s LIVE Interviews Online. The transcript has been posted.

I appeared on theĀ Meet the Experts, phpBB Weekly, Way of the Geek and JKT Network News podcasts. The hosts of the middle two shared their thoughts on the book during the show. The JKT Network News show featured a rebroadcast of the interview I did on the phpbbireland podcast.

The book was recently reviewed by Miranda Marquit of Yielding Wealth andĀ Gary Pollock of searchoptimizepro.com. James Fintel of Cult of Cheese also gave the book a quick teaser review, with a longer one planned soon.

Thank you to everyone at these publications, podcasts, etc. for their interest in the book!