I just thought that I would give a book coverage update, since it’s been a few weeks since I did my last one. I had interviews with Jeff Chandler on Performancing (part 1 and part 2) as well as the WordPress Weekly podcast. The WordPress Weekly interview garnered a mention by Lorelle VanFossen on the Blog Herald. I’m going to be coming back onto the podcast soon to talk more about the book.

Lefora, a free forum host, reviewed the book and interviewed me. I was interviewed by Tom Perkins on Fitness Business Radio. Midwest Book ReviewAndy Staple and Ray Angel have reviews of the book, as well.

An excerpt of the book was adapted into a feature in the American Management Association’s Moving Ahead newsletter, which was highlighted by Jack Vinson.

There was a cool discussion of the book over at vBulletin Setup, a vBulletin support community. vBulletin Setup is planning a review of the book in the future, as well.

Martin Reed of Community Spark gave the book a quick mention in a post about the value of community features. Martin will be reviewing the book in the future, hopefully, and an interview is coming, as well. James Seligman mentioned that he’d be reviewing the book and interviewing me soon.

Finally, Twing, a community search engine, gave away 100 copies of the book at the recent Online Community Unconference 2008.

Thank you to everyone for the continued interest and support!