About a month ago, Gary Vaynerchuk blogged about finding advertisers, specifically how you can do direct ad sale deals with people, with them buying place on your community. Well, OK, he said “blog/vlog,” but those are communities and what he said is just as applicable to other types of communities, as well. His advice was really solid and I liked the way that he presented it, so I wanted to share.

This is something that I really, really need to get into and this video certainly helped to motivate me. I’ve never really done it (all that much), but I am working on getting myself in a position where I can.

If you are hype into making a business out of this and hype into selling ads, set yourself up with an ad server and rates, identify some potential advertisers by looking at your competitors, and then go in. Go after them. It’s about the hustle. Not hustling in the sense of ripping people off, but hustling in the sense of busting your butt more than the next person. Good luck.