In the past four months, since I posted my last book coverage update, I’ve been honored by all sorts of coverage for “Managing Online Forums” and I wanted to take a moment to share the interest that has been shown in this period and thank those that were behind it.

One of the biggest things to happen was the Slashdot review, written by JR Peck of GeekBook. It propelled the book into the top 1,500 books on and kept it in the top 10,000 for a number of days. The Slashdot review was mentioned on the AMACOM Books Blog.

There were also reviews by Michelle L. Rodriguez of Mequoda Daily, Rich Villalobos of Cisco Systems, Dr. Natalie T. Wood in the Journal of Consumer Marketing and Richard Millington of FeverBee. The book received it’s first review on, thanks to Kushi-book-reviews and it’s first review on, thanks to Dominique.

I participated in text based interviews with Commania, AdminQuest, Des Walsh dot Com (also posted on the International Blogging & New Media Association website and Mr. Walsh was kind enough to mention the book favorably on his blog, as well) and sparkBB. There were new podcast interviews on Podcaster Training and WordCast. A previously recorded interview on PerfCast was mentioned on the Splashpress Media blog.

I attended South by Southwest Interactive 2009 from March 13 through 17 and I gave a book reading (really a presentation around a theme in the book) called “The Art of Responding to Feedback from Your Community”. I also had a book signing at the conference’s bookstore. I spent the signing next to Thom Singer, the author of “Some Assembly Required” and “Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women,” who was kind enough to mention the book, and some kind words, on his blog.

Matt Mickiewicz of SitePoint was at my talk and provided an excellent summary on their site (the summary was highlighted by Valontuoja). The Blog Stump mentioned it and Rebecca Caroe of Creative Agency Secrets and Ryan Buchanan highlighted the talk before the conference, as well. The session was made available as an .mp3 on the conference website, which was subsequently mentioned by Merritt Colaizzi at SmartBlog on Social Media.

During the conference, I met Suzanne Minassian of Lotus to talk about the book and she shared parts of the conversation on her blog. I also participated in podcast interviews and discussions with Talk Social News, PepsiCo’s Digital Speak Easy (which was mentioned by Alan Weinkrantz, who I shared the time with) and Blog World Expo Radio.

Martin Reed of Community Spark gave a trio of talks in Finland recently and during all three, he was kind enough to mention the book. As part of INFORTE’s Web 2.0: How to Build a Successful Online Community? Conference, he led sessions called “Building an Online Community From Scratch – Why, Where, How?” and “Online Community Management – How to Avoid Chaos and Create a Positive Community Environment.” These were on May 5 and 6, respectively.

And on May 7, at a Technopolis event, he hosted “A Practical Guide to Building and Managing a Successful Online Community.” Martin had some incredibly kind words in an interview he did with Manage une communaute. The author of the site, Dominique, was kind enough to mention the book in a seperate post he did, as well. Martin also mentioned the book in an interview with distilled.

adaptiveblue on Twitter mentioned the book in relation to their Glue service. Heidi Miller of Talk It Up!, Jeff Chander of and Tanner Smith mentioned the book, along with some kind words (in some cases, embarassingly kind).

The book was mentioned on the UK Business Labs forums, Young Entrepreneur Forums, at People2People Service, on an episode of the phpBB Weekly podcast, the MyBB Community Forum, an episode of Serious Business, on Female Forum, on, during the Social Media Telesummit, on Community Spark, on phpBB Adept and in a discussion on the Online Community Roundtable Facebook group. Wayne Sutton hosted a giveaway for the book on Twitter, to test out the tweetaways service.

Finally, “Managing Online Forums” appeared on a pair of top X lists: “13 essential reads for community managers, as suggested by … you” by Scott Drummond (which came from a discussion at LinkedIn) and “Top 20 Online Publishing Books to Read in 2009” by Michelle L. Rodriguez of Mequoda Daily. Her list which also was posted as an list.

Thank you so much to all of the people involved in these reviews, interviews, features and other mentions. The support means a lot to me.