Your community should have it’s own mission. Why do you exist? Who are you? Who are you for? What do you want to be? Those are the things you and your community should be focused on.

Unfortunately, what can happen sometimes is that your community is used to talk about another community in a negative way. “I was banned from this forum. They suck! The administrator is a lunatic!” Sound familiar?

Generally speaking, I believe that your community should be about your community – not about cross forum politics. If someone has an issue with how someone else runs their site, they can take it up with that person. Either way, how someone else runs their site shouldn’t really be a topic of discussion on your site, which should be focused on it’s own identity.

Please be careful not to lose that. At the end of the day, you want people who are at your community to be at your community – not people who are there to bash someone else’s. Even if it’s someone you don’t like – even if you feel they deserve it. There may be exceptions, but try to take the high road and not let your community become consumed by it.

Stay focused and keep it moving.