Here’s another gem from the song “Victory” by Diddy: to close out his first verse on the song, Diddy raps: “While they making up facts, we raking up plaques.”

This speaks to a focus on one’s goals, even when faced with those who seek to harm, unfairly criticize or lie about you. Whether it’s competition, disgruntled ex-staff members or banned members – if you reach a certain level of popularity, you’ll see people make up facts about you.

“Patrick banned me for no reason.”
“Patrick stole my chickens and relieved himself in my garden.”
“Patrick eats chocolate covered crickets.”

But, you have to keep raking up plaques: you have to keep achieving, keep growing, keep working. Stay focused on your work, on being the best that you can be. When these people are too busy thinking about you, they’re not getting enough work done and they’re falling behind you.