ifroggy-hostingGenerally speaking, one of the bare bones expenses when it comes to running your own online community is web hosting. Having your own web hosting where you have access to all of your website’s files, your databases and everything that goes into running your site allows you to have complete control over what you have online, to have the flexibility to do what you need and the ability to fully back it up.

Realizing this, more than seven and a half years ago I partnered with an establish web host to create iFroggy Hosting. Our goal wasn’t to be the cheapest, but to offer a good value for what you get with a high quality of service and excellent support.

I don’t just recommend these services, but also use them myself. The very same servers play host to my two most active communities in phpBBHacks.com and KarateForums.com. If I have an issue or a question, I talk to the very same support desk that all iFroggy Hosting clients do.

Why am I mentioning this now? Because we just announced our newly upgraded plans, making our offering bigger and better than ever. They range in price from $3 a month to $25 a month with discounts if you pay by the year.

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If you are looking for web hosting or know someone who is, please keep us in mind. I appreciate it. Thank you for reading.