Happy New Year! With 2009 in the books, I thought that it would be fun to take a look back at the most popular posts made here on ManagingCommunities.com in 2009. Here are the top 10:

1. Dealing with Suicide On Your Online Community or Forums: How You Can Help and Protect Everyone
A guide to dealing with a difficult subject and being prepared should you be faced with it.

2. “Yo, the Sun Don’t Shine Forever, But As Long As It’s Here, Then We Might As Well Shine Together”
I evoked Diddy to make a point about living in the moment.

3. Skimlinks Review: Get Credit for Sales Generated From Your Community
In-depth review of the affiliate sale generating service.

4. Steve Jobs: “Don’t Be Trapped by Dogma – Which is Living With the Results of Other People’s Thinking”
It’s important to have your focus and believe in you and not to be pulled by every whim or suggestion you receive.

5. The Art of Responding to Feedback in 3 Simple Steps: Appreciate, Acknowledge and Consider
This post on managing feedback would later serve as the basis for my South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) talk this year.

6. 10 (Super Fun!) Ways You Can Kill Your Online Community
A lighthearted look at a handful of the ways that you can damage an online community.

7. 10 Moderator Moves That Turn My Stomach
What I don’t like to see in moderators.

8. Forums Are a Different Beast (or “Don’t Bring Your Twitter or Facebook ‘Strategy’ to Forums”)
Forums are a form of social media, but different forms of social media require you to bring it in different ways.

9. The Importance of Respecting Someone Else’s Space (i.e. Being a Good Internet Citizen)
Sharing the tale of a newspaper writer, her editor and their spammy behavior.

10. 5 Easy Ways to Find Stories, Topics and Discussions to Post on Your Online Community
It can sometimes be difficult to come up with new topic ideas. Here are some to think about.

Thank you to everyone who read ManagingCommunities.com in 2009. If you’re one of those people, what was one of your favorite posts from the year? Please let me know in the comments.