I’m planning a series on the many ways of generating revenue from your online forums. Before I get into this, however, I wanted to start by asking you: how are you making money from your online forums?

Please go into detail. For example, if you work with advertising networks, say which ones. If you work with an ad market place of some sort, say which one. Basically, if you use a company where other forums can sign up or request more information to join for themselves, I want to know the name of that company.

I want to know everything, from your smallest revenue generating outlet to your largest. On top of your submissions, I will also be polling friends of mine and asking them how they generate revenue from their online forums. Plus, I’ll be sharing my own methods and all of the random opportunities that I have been pitched on.

If you’re a company who is looking to help online community owners make money, and you haven’t already spoken to me, this is your chance to pitch me in the comments here (something I wouldn’t ordinarily allow).

The goal is to hopefully turn you onto new ways of generating revenue from your online community and I look forward to digging in. Please pass this post onto any forum administrators you know, as well, as I’d love to hear their methods.

Thank you for participating.