photo credit: BuzzShift

For what seems like forever, I’ve been working on my just launched about and speaking pages. Probably the biggest reason I did it was because I’m hoping to speak more. Since finishing “Managing Online Forums,” I’ve done 11 engagements at 7 different events.

While this doesn’t make me a veteran, it means I’m not just starting out, either. So, I’m hoping to get more serious about speaking and I would like it to become a slightly larger part of my life.

When I speak, I tend to focus on the value of social media and online community to individuals and businesses and how best to participate in these areas as a manager/owner, marketer or user/member.

I love speaking at social media, internet and technology focused conferences, but I also hope to branch out and talk about these things at events not for our industry, but for other industries who can benefit from what we know.

So, if you’re a conference or event organizer, please keep me in mind (I have a special speaking contact form). If you’re a speaker like me and you happen to have a panel or presentation you’d like me to be involved in, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for reading.