Good old honest Abe
Creative Commons License photo credit: gaminrey

We had a member the other day who posted a thread promoting his eBook. It was your run of the mill advertisement, removed by a member of my staff.

The person who posted it responded to the staff member, telling them that they must not see the value in his eBook and that, more or less, his 95,000 affiliates can’t be wrong.

The member had actually posted promoting an eBook back in 2007 and had it removed. He hadn’t posted much of anything before posting again, promoting an eBook now, in 2010.

Not liking how he spoke to my staff member, I dropped him a note congratulating him on his success, but reaffirming that the post was a violation and that our guidelines have to apply to everyone and be consistently applied. So, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 person or 95,000 people behind you.

I also explained that it was not a reflection of the value of his eBook. I told him that, seeing as we’d removed a couple of promotions related to his eBooks now, I’m sure we wouldn’t have any issues moving forward.

His response was to tell me that, in so many ways, I enjoyed speaking down to people and that is why his post had been removed. That wasn’t the good part, though. The good part was that he told me that he maintains a list of “honest sites,” about 20 odd forums that will allow him to promote his eBook or – in his words – sites “that actaually have flexability in promoting.” He assured me, as well, that he would tell his 95,000 affiliates to do the same.

Good luck.