Lone Star BBQ 7
Creative Commons License photo credit: anoldent

It has always been about community. It didn’t become about community with the popularization of the internet and social media. It’s easier to build community and it’s easier for everyone to have a voice, but that’s not the invention of community.

No, community has always been there. Community isn’t a choice. It was about community for television, for newspapers, for magazines, for the radio. It was about community for Coca-Cola, for Wal-Mart, for The Beatles, for Star Wars, for everyone. It was about community for any successful business or endeavor.

Your community is your readers, fans, followers, connections, subscribers, users, members, posters, commenters, supporters, customers, clients and everyone who likes what you do. Some may call it something different – like audience – but don’t get too caught up in terms.

They watch what you do. They give you their time. They talk to you. They give your feedback. They tell you when they have a problem. They talk to each other about your stuff. They talk to others about your stuff. It’s all the same thing. It’s community.

It has always been about engaging your community and growing it. The quality of your community will have a direct impact on the success that you achieve and the staying power of that success. It’s a simple equation:

You + Your Community = Your Success