(BSA) is an online advertising marketplace. Their publicly searchable database of publishers includes over 2,300 manually approved websites of a generally high quality. The sites primarily fall somewhere in the technology and design categories, but they do have some sites that fall into other categories, such as music, gaming and more.

Some might consider them a smaller, more exclusive AdBrite. I played around with AdBrite, a long time ago, but never had any luck. But, I have had luck with BSA.

The object of BSA is to make ad buying and selling easier. On the buying end, they allow advertisers to search for ad space and purchase ads quickly. Once an ad is approved, they are then provided with a constantly updating analytics dashboard, detailing their impressions and clicks. They are also able to update their creative or enable multiple creatives, as well as renew the campaign before expiration.

For publishers, it is easy because once you add the code to your site, you don’t necessarily need to do much else, outside of approving ads as they are purchased or submitted and cashing out. If an advertiser wants to change their ad, you need only approve it through the BSA console, not upload it, make a change to your ad server, etc. You don’t need to deal with insertion orders or billing. You don’t need to remind clients that their ad is about to expire.

BSA takes 25% off the top for their services. As with many ad networks, however, the PayPal fees are taken care of. So, if you sell an ad for $100, you receive $75. Given the value that they bring, I find this to be a fair amount.

They require that your website receive at least 100,000 impressions per month, but do make exceptions for some quality websites, especially those run by people they are already familiar with.

Even if you have no interest in using BSA, a nice side benefit of the service, especially for publishers, is it makes it easy to see what a lot of other publishers are asking for their ad inventory. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to price your own, but you are not sure what is reasonable.

I use BSA as a complement to the ad networks I work with already (such as ADSDAQ). With BSA, most of your ad placements that sell will be complete buyouts. Meaning that an advertiser is buying that spot for an entire month – every single impression. You can use them to sell ads in places you wouldn’t otherwise have ads in, which is a good idea, but you can also use them to top the money you are generally receiving from ad networks.

So, if I know that I will generally receive $75 a month from my ad networks, maybe I will charge $150 on BSA. That means that I will walk away with $112.50 instead of $75. That’s just an example.

Though I haven’t sold a ton of ads with BSA, I have sold several different placements and currently have and listed with them. I definitely recommend BSA, as a complement to what you are already doing. If they do well enough, you might even be able to dump your other efforts, as some publishers have done.