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I wrote this post before I published the “Maybe it’s My Fault” post. At first, I thought that I might include this, or something like it, as a sort of disclaimer or at least some form of context, at the end of that post. But, then I thought: why weaken my words or their impact by disclaiming them when there really was no need?

I wanted to allow people to interpret that as they may, as a reflection of themselves and their experiences. So, instead, I decided to write this post before that one was published, and then publish this one – regardless of how that first one was received.

When I was working on it that first post, I considered that some people might take it as an ego thing. “Is he comparing himself to Michael Jordan?” “Is he saying that he’s the greatest to ever do this?” “Is he that full of himself?”

If you know me, you know that I’m not. But, still, there are a lot of insecure people out there and that insecurity might lead them to think I was acting a little crazy.

Really, what I wanted to do was boldly make a point and challenge people. Stop making excuses and stop using other people to excuse yourself when things don’t work out. Instead, focus and dedicate yourself.

Over the years, there have been people who have criticized me in a manner that was aimed at taking away from whatever it is that I have achieved. This is literally a few people and, most likely, they thought I would never see what they wrote. Most people don’t do that type of thing. But, these people, they say that I had it easy, that I got lucky.

For example, once, I saw someone suggest that my success was built on luck, that I luckily acquired some great domain names and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did.

That’s a pretty cheap way to take away from me. Purchasing the best domain name that you can afford for your community is not luck, it’s just smart decision making. As I’ve written before, everything that you can do to put yourself in a better position for success is important – and that includes buying a good domain name. is a better name than Does that mean will automatically be more successful? No. But, it does mean that puts you at a disadvantage, in one aspect, to

I do my research, I invest deeply, I try to put myself in the best position for success and I work my butt off on a daily basis. As Chris Brogan said in the video below, at the 19 second mark, “is that lucky? I don’t know.”

It wasn’t easy for me. I’ve worked incredibly hard. I have dedicated a substantial portion of my life to online community – to managing communities, to the practice, improving it and sharing my experience with others. I live in the trenches, I live in this space – I live this space. If things are not going well for you, don’t blame me or anyone else in this arena.

Maybe it was easy for me. Or maybe, you’re just making excuses.