I am planning a series of articles on monetizing your online community. So, I wanted to ask you: what are you doing to generate revenue from your community? What specific programs, networks and services are you using?

I’d like to hear about things that you have tried in the last year, what has worked, what hasn’t and what you’ve learned. From the biggest money makers to the smallest. I want to know about everything that you use.

Please leave this information in the comments or, if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, please e-mail me at patrick@ifroggy.com. I will be happy not to reveal your site, name or any other details about you, if I decide to write about your methods. I really just want to hear about your experience.

My goal is to share a wide array of methods to help online community owners to generate revenue – whether it be to just cover their expenses or to allow them to support their lifestyle and dedicate more time to the community.

Thank you for your time and consideration.