Yesterday, I delivered my presentation at South by Southwest Interactive 2011, titled “27 (Fun!) Ways to Kill Your Online Community.”

The premise was simple: I have spent the last 11 years or so building my reputation in this space as part of a simple, but brilliant plan: I want to kill online community. Once and for all.

People think I’m passionate about online community. They think that because that is the image I’ve cultivated. But, it’s all a ploy. Online community is disgusting and without worth and I want it to end.

I have been waiting many years for yesterday, the day when I would spread my message to a highly influential and connected audience, to start the movement. And now, I invite you.

Please visit the mini site to view the 27 ways, tactics and beliefs that will allow you to kill your online community, the online communities that belong to your clients and more. Though the slides don’t fill in all the blanks, and I will post a video of the presentation at some point in the future, they do set a basis with which to work.

Together, we can kill online community and we will.