Based Laughter
Creative Commons License photo credit: mboperator

I have a fun idea. As you know if you’ve read for any measurable amount of time, I like to sometimes share the funny or absurd things that my members have told me. Whether that’s being called Hitler or people who are both wrong and rude, I share it in small doses.

Sometimes, we get gold from commenters of the blog. One example that comes to mind immediately is this comment by MsMod:

One of my favorite attacks ended with, “no doubt Hitler would embrace and adopt you as one of his own.”

So, I thought: why not ask for more things like this, so that I could share them in a future post or, perhaps, a series of posts?

Please e-mail me with your comments or experiences at I will keep your identity anonymous, if I use what you said. Alternatively, you should feel free to post a comment here, as long as what you post is appropriate for general audiences.

Sharing comments like this, in small doses, helps all community administrators and managers, especially those of us newer to the trade, understand that we are all in the same boat and though not everyone will emphasize with us, there is a small group of people who know what we have to deal with.

I look forward to seeing your submissions!