Stop. Just apologize. When you come to my community and you post something that references your company, website or client in any way, even if it is related to the thread you are posting on in some way, it is not appropriate. And that’s on you. It’s your fault for assuming too much, for not reading the guidelines and for not asking first.

When a member of my staff, or me, contact you to let you know that the post is advertising, there is nothing for you to justify. Whatever reason you had in your mind, about why your post was OK, it was wrong, and for you to try to play the victim on that, is not a good situation.

“I was just trying to add value.” Cool, please try to do that without mentioning your stuff.

“This is relevant to your community.” Cool, please try to do that without mentioning your stuff.

“Isn’t this what the community is about?” No, this community that has existed for 10 years before you registered for it is not about you mentioning your stuff.

“My post is more valuable than 95 percent of random thoughts/opinions that make up the bulk of the forum.” Yeah. No. And you’re crazy.

“What is your agenda for removing that post?” I’m the one with an agenda, right?

I’m sure that, when you made the post, you didn’t do it with the thought “I’m looking to spam!” And I’m not saying you had completely bad intentions. But, results wise, what you ended up doing was in violation of our guidelines and, again, that’s your fault and your fault alone. It’s not the end of the world and it only means more if you make it mean more and turn “simple guideline violation” to “I’m going to talk down to a member of staff because I did something I shouldn’t have and now am angry that the community didn’t bend to me.”

So, when a member of my team makes you aware of this, the best response is to apologize and, if you are confused in any way, to ask questions. We’re happy to help. Beyond that, if you ever want to push your stuff on a community, it is always, always better to build relationships with the people who run the communities, rather than just jumping in.