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I am an active speaker on the topic of online community and how businesses and individuals can tap into the power of online community and grow and manage their own communities. I have logged 30 engagements thus far and have spoken at important digital conferences (like South by Southwest Interactive), to universities (like Northwestern and North Carolina State) and corporations (like FedEx).

Under that umbrella, I have delivered presentations or participated in panels on numerous topics. Everything from creating a positive environment on your forums and how to respond to feedback to ethical social media marketing and how to market your products to online forums and communities. Management, engagement, marketing and more.

As I develop presentations, one of the things that I am having a tough time coming to terms with is exactly what is an “advanced” community presentation? I have managed online communities for 11 years, so I’ve seen “everything” (you can never see “everything,” and I am always learning more, but you get my drift) and I write and speak about it. To me, it’s natural and I try to pick topics that I think will be interesting. For some people, one item might be beginner where, for another, it might seem advanced.

Due to this, I wanted to put this out there and ask for your thoughts in the comments. In your mind, what is an example of an advanced community management presentation or topic? How do you come to that determination? Whether it’s the management of structured communities that you host or the general public facing, social media community management. Example presentations or topic areas are welcome, as well. Thank you.