Help Wanted
Creative Commons License photo credit: bgottsab is regularly visited by community management professionals of all experience levels. Many of which are in need of employment or looking to further their careers.

If you are looking to hire a community management professional and find qualified candidates, the people who read are who you are looking for. Whether it be a Moderator, Community Manager, Senior Community Manager, Director of Community or some other role.

So, today, I am launching the Jobs section. For just $99, job posters will receive the following:

  • A listing on our job board for 30 days.
  • Their job featured in a post on Every other Wednesday, I will post a digest of jobs that have been posted directly on our job board.
  • Their job tweeted once from both the Twitter account (@managecommunity) and my personal account (@patrickokeefe). The tweet will be tagged with the #ad hashtag, to ensure proper disclosure.

I believe that this package offers a great value for recruiters and those looking to find a good person to fill their community management related vacancy. If you know of anyone in that camp, I would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word.

If you have any questions about the jobs section, please feel free to contact me directly.