On a recent episode of “A Show,” Ze Frank tackled abusive online comments and aggression, which some might label as trolling, depending on the comment being made.

He discussed how he views the people who make them, what his approach to them is and what he’d like his well meaning viewers to do, if they encounter such a comment. He specifically referenced a comment on another video he put out where someone said they wanted to punch him in the face because his voice was so annoying.

“I think of those ‘punch you in the face’ comments as somewhere in between thinking a thing and saying it in public,” he said. “And I think that the repercussions should be proportionate. They should be blocked from ever interacting with us again. But, beyond that, I don’t think it’s worth thinking about.”

“Sometimes I imagine seeing a very troubled person across the street, muttering and yelling. I might feel sorry for them, I might wish that they got help, I might feel bad for their anguish. But, I steer clear of them. That’s kind of what I’d like you to do on this page: ignore them. Some of you want to protect me, or each other, and yell back. I think that’s really nice of you. I want to protect you, too. I like you and I will protect you as best as I can. But, this isn’t my first rodeo, even though I’ve never been to a rodeo and when I do go to a rodeo, I’ll say ‘this is my first rodeo.’ Point is: we’ll be fine.”

Watch the full video below.

Via Jake McKee.