Happy Baby
Creative Commons License photo credit: bradleygee

April 1 has come and gone and, besides the fact that I need to work on my taxes, that also means April Fools’ Day has happened. Every year, I consider what I might want to do, discuss it with my staff (if applicable) and execute it. It’s almost like a feature of the community, when people expect it.

On KarateForums.com, we announced a brand new etiquette policy. This policy detailed how members on our community should address senior members – those with 1,000 or more posts and members of our staff. If a member has 1,000 or more posts, they must be addressed as sir or ma’am. But before you can reply to them, you must privately request permission from the senior member. Once approved, you may respond.

We have three levels of staff: Sempais (guides), Senseis (moderators) and the administrator (me). According to the policy, Sempais must be addressed as Sempai Last Name, Senseis as Sensei Last Name and I must be addressed by my new title of Grandmaster. If it becomes necessary to differentiate between another grandmaster and me, then you may refer to me as Grandmaster O’Keefe. Failure to follow these standards will result in discipline in the form of pushups. The member who committed the policy breach must record themselves doing the pushups, with a camera, and must hold up a copy of the newspaper from that day.

Over at Bad Boy Blog, we reported on a song that didn’t actually exist. Bad Boy Records artist French Montana released a song while back titled “Ocho Cinco.” This is Spanish and, in English, it translates to 8-5. We reported that he had released a sequel, titled “Ocho Seis” (or “8-6). We even had an audio player in the post which, when played, sounded like a hip-hop track. That’s because it was the instrumental from a song by A Tribe Called Quest. But, it was actually a mashup with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” the song associated with rickrolling.

That’s what we did. Did you do anything on your community?