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It was 10 years ago today that Heidi, known on as ninjanurse, joined my staff on In honor of this occasion, I wanted to share with you the announcement that I posted on the community to mark this occasion and let that speak for itself. One note: a Sensei is what we call a moderator. Here is the announcement:


Thank you for visiting

It was on this day 10 years ago that Heidi joined the staff of 8 years, 1 month and 2 days of this she has spent as a Sensei. To put this in perspective, itself has been online for 12 years, 3 weeks and 6 days.

We have had many great staff members over the years here, but none who have been involved with our team for this long. It is a very rare circumstance, not just for our community, not just for online communities have I have managed, but for any online community period. Very rare.

It is a testament to Heidi’s dedicated service to this community and her efforts in holding up the standards that we have. You don’t remain on board for as long as Heidi has without quality, consistency, strength of character, humility, humor and determination and that is what Heidi has demonstrated over the past 10 years.

There is a lot of things that any member can see. Her posts, both the number of them (5,543 – fourth among all members), and what she contributes through them. But what you may not see is what I’ve seen over the past 10 years, the things that happen behind the scenes.

Heidi has been a great supporter of this community and of me and I am grateful for that. You don’t build something like this, you don’t create an atmosphere like this, without people like Heidi, great team players who can help with the things that must be done to make it so. It doesn’t just happen by itself.

Through her contributions here, I feel confident in saying that Heidi has helped thousands and thousands of people (maybe more). Directly with her posts, indirectly with her efforts in helping to foster a community where they would be welcome.

Thank you, Heidi. Thank you for being a great member of my team for so long, for supporting me and for being a friend. I appreciate you.

Everyone, please join me in congratulating Heidi and offering any thoughts that you may have regarding her, your interactions with her and her posts on this community.

Thank you for reading.