Creative Commons License photo credit: gurms

Community management is about the small things and, at times, that can make you feel like people don’t notice. Then there are those moments that remind you that they do. I received a funny comment from a viewer of my web show, Soda Tasting, that did so.

With the show, I have created a community that is very respectful and I work hard to exemplify that. In the comments of the show on YouTube (and elsewhere), I work hard to treat everyone with respect, regardless of how serious they appear to be or what they call themselves. I kick out anyone who doesn’t at least pretend to do so.

I have one long term viewer with the username “Brown Poop.” I try to keep a family friendly atmosphere and, in my view, the username fits. I’ve blocked people who had the F word in their username, but poop doesn’t really make the mark. So I treat him just as if his username was “Bob.” He makes good comments and I respond and express appreciation. This can result in a comment that sounds funny.

“Hey Brown Poop, thank you for your comment and request. I appreciate it,” for example.

Generally speaking, most people who view my videos probably aren’t reading the comments very closely. But some are. Recently, I received this comment:

“Haha! I love how respectful you are, even when somebody’s name is Brown Poop… lol.”

What’s the value in that, as far as money, eyeballs or traffic? On one hand, it’s hard to say. On the other hand, it’s everything (sort of). They read my comments and it changes how they think of me, in a positive way. I have received several comments expressing a similar sentiment before. They noticed.

It’s cool when people notice things.