Facebook Community Manager ProfileYou have something in common with Nazis. I’m sure this isn’t a shock to you. If you manage an active online community, you’ve probably been compared to Hitler and this is what your Facebook profile looks like.

You and Nazis, you do a lot of the same things. You both eat food, you both shave parts of your body, you both use the internet. But something more devious is also true: you both use the same forum software. No matter what forum software that is, Nazis also use it.

Does this betray a deep connection between you and the Nazis? Well, that’s what a certain political club suggested on their blog on Monday. Seriously, read the article. It’s hilarious.

It seems that two forums, one for Nazis and one for a politician both use the same forum software. That software? vBulletin.

If you are on ManagingCommunities.com, you probably know what vBulletin is. If not, no worries. Simple explanation: vBulletin is the most widely used commercial forum software in the world. When I run a Google search for the phrase “Powered by vBulletin,” I receive 5,400,000,000 results. Yes, 5.4 billion.

I debated whether or not to post this – the anonymous author of the article in question included an update where he or she said that people who shared the article in the manner I am doing now have helped to make it an “international sensation” – but I’ll go ahead and take the chance. Because this isn’t the type of humor that most people would get, this is humor best appreciated by people who run forums. That’s us!

On Twitter, I could only describe it as “OMG. If you know what vBulletin is, get ready to die laughing.

I usually wouldn’t pick at a club like this specifically, but they are kind of asking for it. Not only for writing this in the first place and trying to point to some sort of conspiracy using it, but also for not updating the article and expressing some humility in the face of such a ridiculous claim. I don’t mean them any harm.

But yeah, it’s funny.

Note: please do not take this post as an opportunity to make generic political statements in the comments below or to attack any politicians or political parties. Believe me, there are people on all sides that would probably try to make this same sort of statement and allow their lack of understanding to guide them toward accusations. Thank you in advance.