I’m downsizing in my life right now. Personally and professionally. On the personal end, I’m going through all of the things I have accumulated over the years and getting rid of a lot of it.

Last night, I came across some old school papers and stopped at a business management paper I had written when I was 17 (a lot happened when I was 17), talking about providing outstanding service. It included “seven qualities of service,” based on the letters in the word service. Reading it, I thought it fit in well with a lot of what we talk about here. I thought I’d share it with you.

S: Sociable – being genuinely and honestly interested in people and actually paying attention to your customers.

E: Effervescent – being excited about life, about the possibilities you have, about the people you meet and about the things you do.

R: Regard – treating each person you meet with respect; treating them the way they want to be treated, with courtesy, dignity, politeness and consideration.

V: Values – being honest, following through and being reliable.

I: Involvement – being connected with the people you work with, caring about them and how they are doing; being part of the team.

C: Creative – seeing beyond the surface and the obvious; seeing the big picture and what needs to be done without being told to do so.

E: Energetic – bringing energy and enthusiasm to every task and relationship.

These are generally good ideas for most professionals and everyday life, but I find that they specifically resonate with the community manager role. While you can be a decent community manager with only some of these things, you aren’t great unless you embody them all.