SXSW 2014In March, I’ll travel to South by Southwest for the sixth time. From 2008 through 2012, I spoke at the event. 2 book readings, 1 Core Conversation, 1 panel and 1 solo presentation. It’s a great event and I enjoy it. After taking last year off, I’ll be back this year.

One of the big motivators for me going is my brother, Sean, a recent graduate who is pursuing a career in film. He’s excited to go to SXSW Film and I’m excited to spend time with him down there. I have a Gold badge for both Interactive and Film and I look forward to connecting with friends and acquaintances.

I’ll be in town from March 5 through 16 and if you’d like to meet up, I’d love to say hello, talk and look at what you are up to. I plan to attend some panels and take a look at what is on the schedule community wise.

That said, I’m also looking for something more substantial to be a part of. I don’t know what. But I’d be open to participating in something fun, interesting or exciting. Not just attending something, but co-producing or visibly participating.

I’ve done a lot of live hosting and on stage speaking, so it could be something along those lines. That could mean participating in some sort of discussion or hosting something in person or via live or recorded video. It could be helping to plan something. It could be appearing somewhere, signing books or just doing something that helps further the practice of online community management at the event. I’m open to other ideas.

If you have something that you’d like me to be involved with, please drop me a note. Also, if you’d like to just meet up or show me something, please feel free to contact me, as well. Thank you.