the-circleHaving been in this space for so long, I am fortunate to know many great minds that work within it. I enjoy the interactions that I have with them and have been thinking recently about how I could showcase those conversations here. I came up with something I am referring to as The Circle.

My hope is that it will become a regular feature, fueled by your questions. I will select questions and then ask great community professionals to answer them, instead of just trying to answer them myself. It’ll be a different group of people each time. A lot of these professionals will not be people who blog regularly or write regularly on the profession. They’ll be people I know who do the work and understand this space as well as anyone.

It’ll be fun to add these other perspectives into the blog. I look forward to learning from them. But to get started, I wanted to introduce the concept and put a call out for questions. What would you like me to ask? Please leave me a comment or, if you’d like to remain anonymous, send me an email. Thanks.