Everything in ModerationOne of my favorite community management blogs hasn’t published a new post in 10 years.

Last Wednesday marked 10 years since Tom Coates made his final post at Everything in Moderation. From September of 2003 through October of  2004, Coates made a total of 18 posts – 11 of them in October of 2003.

A mention of the blog was included in the earliest drafts of Managing Online Forums, going all the way back to 2004. The blog was not updated, but the link in the book stayed, as the book grew in length and became more published while publisher after publisher declined to release it. When the book was published in April of 2008, that mention remained because I liked the blog so much.

I forget how I discovered it, but once in a while, when I’m thinking about this profession, it’ll pop into my head. Coates shared a lot of value in those 18 posts. Here are my favorites:

Coates has continued to write and reflect on the community space through his blog, Twitter account and elsewhere. But Everything in Moderation is a great little snapshot, with lessons that are still applicable today. You can read the entire blog within a few hours, and you’ll be a better professional for it.

Thank you for sharing, Mr. Coates.