Community Manager Appreciation DayToday marks the sixth annual Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD).

Originally created by Jeremiah Owyang, CMAD encourages companies and community members to express their gratitude to those responsible for the communities that they enjoy and receive value from.

It’s being celebrated online and in-person all around the world by many different groups and organizations. But the center of the festivities is the 24 hour live stream managed by My Community Manager. It began a few hours ago (at midnight GMT -5) and will continue until midnight tonight! Even if you miss a session, you can watch it later as it will be recorded and available immediately after.

Sherrie Rohde and Jonathan Brewer were kind enough to invite me to organize a session (and I also received an invitation from one of the panel organizers), but unfortunately, I had to decline. This is family time for me. I’m really sorry to have to miss this great event!

Everything on the schedule looks interesting, but here are the ones that caught my eye:

I also picked up a nomination in the CMAD Awards, and though I didn’t make the finalists, I am grateful to whoever put my name forth. Good luck to the finalists.

Have a great Community Manager Appreciation Day!