Plenty of celebrities use social media well, whether on their own or with some assistance. But one person who has stood out to me recently is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s become one of my favorite examples.

Currently, Schwarzenegger is primarily active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reddit and Snapchat, where he goes by ArnoldSchnitzel (no joke).

When I look at his profiles, I see promotion, certainly, but I also see a great authenticity that comes through by sharing his unique personality and what he cares about. He’s very accepting of the cultural influence he has had and embraces the moments from his career that are memorable for fans. If you watch enough of his videos, you might just see him throw in an “hasta la vista” or a “get to the chopper.”

For me, what really sets him apart from many other celebrities is his use of reddit. Take a moment and read the posts he has made. He hasn’t just participated in AMAs (Ask Me Anything), he’s jumped into numerous threads. In one conversation, he’s encouraging someone who was mocked at the gym. In another, he comments on voting districts. He even congratulated someone on their impression of him. There are pages and pages of posts. It’s great stuff, and the community loves it.

There was an interesting comment from redditor Sven__Hoek. In response to some of Schwarzenegger’s replies on reddit, he said: “Whoa wait, Arnold Schwarzenegger stuck around after his AMA? Neat.” It’s almost expected that a celebrity will only use reddit for an AMA when they have something to promote and then disappear until the next time. By actively participating beyond those moments of promotion, Schwarzenegger is earning the community’s respect in a way that most celebrities never will.

If I was asked for an example of celebrities who really have a handle on social media, he is one of the first that would come to mind. I’ve been a fan of his movies for a long time, so it’s great to see him using these tools so well and building community in the process.

Side note: by writing about “celebrities,” I don’t mean to set them off onto an island. I’ve met many celebrities and have a few acquaintances that would fit that description. They are just people. As with any group of people, some of them have more success using social media than others. That said, celebrities often have different demands placed on them in this arena, so I think it’s worth discussing.