The Marketer's Guide to reddit AMAs by Paul and David DiGiovanniI took some time, this weekend, to read The Marketer’s Guide to reddit AMAs by Paul and David DiGiovanni of GroupSRC. It’s a free guide, 30 pages in length, available if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Paul and David are focused on helping marketer’s use reddit in a way that is authentic and respectful to the community. If it’s for marketers, why am I writing about it here? Because it’s really a guide to hosting an AMA, and AMAs, when done right, are definitely a form of community building.

David has written a couple of guest posts here. If I had a question about reddit, I’d ask them. And that’s why I read the guide.

It’s great. In a half hour or so, you’ll have consumed a wonderful primer on how to hold an AMA on reddit. It’ll stop you from making preventable mistakes. Even if you think you know how to respectfully approach a community like reddit, you’ll pick up nuggets that will take you from good to great.

For that reason, I definitely recommend the guide (download here) to anyone looking to host an AMA, or just looking to pick up a bit of information on approaching reddit. They have also released more guides targeted at podcasters, artists and beginners to reddit. I’m sure they are just as valuable.