On Sunday, I launched the “Social Media: The Bad and the Ugly” Blog World Expo 2009 conference pass giveaway, offering up a free full access pass to Blog World & New Media Expo (a $1,195 value). To win? You had to come up with the most interesting blog post about a trend in social media that concerned you, and could potentially harm the growth of the medium.

It was a short deadline – entries were due today at 12:00 PM ET – but it did get passed around on Twitter and I’m pleased to announce that the winner is Jason Keath (@jakrose on Twitter). He wrote about the “knee jerk attack responses” that are given by some when they see something silly or something that they disagree with. He did a great video blog accompanying the post, as well.

“Social Media: The Bad and The Ugly” from jason keath on Vimeo.

Totally on point and something I’m sure we’ll touch on in the panel. Congratulations to Jason and I look forward to seeing you at the conference and our panel (right? ha). Also, thank you to @BigBags for entering.

Thank you to Dave Cynkin and Blog World Expo for providing me with the pass to giveaway. If you’d like to come and still haven’t registered a pass, you can use coupon code IFROGGYVIP for 20% off when registering.