The sixth post ever published on was about “brain crack” and the importance of doing, care of some magical words from Ze Frank.

By the time I wrote that post, in February of 2008, Mr. Frank had ended “the show with ze frank,” where those words had come from. More than 4 years later, at the end of February, Mr. Frank launched a Kickstarter campaign to “bring back the show.” The result? $146,752 pledged by 3,900 people (including me) – almost 3 times his goal of $50,000.

I could say something here about the power of community and about how community builds around quality and that being why people couldn’t wait to support him in this new venture. All of that is true.

For now, though, I want to point you to the first episode of his new series, “a show with zefrank.” Mr. Frank calls it “an invocation for anyone who hasn’t begun, who’s stuck in a terrible place between zero and one.” It’s a wonderful clip, one that I’ve played at least a dozen times. It has some vulgarity (you have been warned). I hope it speaks to you, as it speaks to me.

My favorite quote from the clip: “Let me take the idea that has gotten me this far and put it to bed. What I am about to do will not be that. But, it will be something.”