Creative Commons License photo credit: BuzzShift

Last year at BlogWorld & New Media Expo (this year’s iteration is October 14-16 in Las Vegas and I’ll be there), I led a panel titled “Social Media: The Bad and the Ugly” with Amber Naslund, Robert Scoble and Wayne Sutton.

On the panel, we talked about trends in social media that concerned us and that we felt could harm the growth of the medium as a whole. These are also trends that could harm your brand, scare people away and damage your reputation. We highlighted six trends in all.

Amber is the Director of Community at Radian6, co-wrote the book “The Now Revolution” and blogs at Brass Tack Thinking. Robert Scoble is the Managing Director for at Rackspace and blogs at Scobleizer. Finally, Wayne Sutton is a social media strategist, the Business Development/Marketing Strategist for TriOut, a Partner at OurHashtag and blogs at

The panel was a lot of fun and it was an honor to lead a session that featured Amber, Robert and Wayne. A big thanks to them for agreeing to join me.

Below, you can watch the presentation in full. It is a little over an hour. In addition to Vimeo, it’s also available on YouTube in HD (parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Below the video player, the slides for the session are included.

A big thanks to my friend Chrispian Burks for shooting the video for me.